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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Color Picker In Action (In The Silverlight Particle Project)

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
Just for fun, I took my color picker and plugged into Robby Ingebretsen’s Silverlight Particle Generator. I had to make

Using a Color Picker Silverlight Control

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
UPDATED (12/05/08): Updated Color Picker Utility UPDATED (09/29/08): I added an event to my user control. You can now use

Silverlight Color Picker

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
UPDATE (12/05/08): Updated Color Picker Utility UPDATE: I've posted links to all my code here. I apologize, but I

Create a Zooming Button Style In Silverlight Without Code

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
Download code for this sample (updated for RCW) I was reading Mike Snow's blog and he had a recent Silverlight tutorial on

Trigonometry and Interaction Design

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
Over at Project Rosetta they have the post I've been waiting for: How to use mathematics to enhance user experiences. They

Silverlight and WPF Link Dump

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
I've been too quiet lately and I need to dump some links so I don't forget about them: SVLite Effects from Cellbi -