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Loading CSV Files in UWP

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Video summarizing this post: I've recently worked on a series of UWP apps that needed to load up a CSV file. I'm

Alexa Audio Skill in C# (.Net Core)

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Fork the Alexa Audio Tutorial in C# I originally started working with Alexa Skills because I wanted to write an skill to

Tutorial: Alexa Skills in C# – The Code

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In the last piece, I walked through setting up an AWS account and putting together the policies needed to deploy your code

Tutorial: Alexa Skills in C# – Setup

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The Amazon Echo is amazing and you should have one. Or at least an Amazon Dot, which offers the voice interface of the Echo

Saving and Loading App Data (Windows Store C# UWP / 8.1)

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Every application needs to save information, usually in the form of objects or lists of objects. To ease Windows (Phone)

Loading a Local CSV File in Windows (Phone)

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Lots of little side projects I work on are data visualizations and, unlike every other person in the data visualization

Circle Packing Algorithm in C# / XAML

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I recently (translation: not very recently) put up an post on circle packing in Processing and completely forgot to follow

Uploading an Image to Facebook in Windows Phone 7 (Silverlight)

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This is a full-featured tutorial, walking through design, structure, UI and photo formatting. If you just want to know how

Fixing the ListPicker / ScrollViewer Problem in Windows Phone 7

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
I'm working on a new project in which I need multiple ListPickers in a ScrollViewer. The ListPicker is available via the

PHP, MySQL, and Silverlight: The Complete Tutorial (Part 3)

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
This is meant to be the one-stop-shop blog post for creating a very simple web service in PHP that pulls from a MySQL