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How To Load MIX Outsider (With Or Without a Phone)

Posted on by matthias
The very latest and greatest version of the MIX Outsider application is up and ready for download. Mostly text-building

Introducing MIX11 Outsider for Windows Phone 7

Posted on by matthias
UPDATE (4/9/2011) : MIX Outsider has been updated to fix some "no network" issues and refine the message creation.

My Top Eleven MIX 11 Open Call Sessions

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
For those who are interested, here are the Top 11 MIX 11 Open Call sessions that I want to see. Designing for WP7: Metro

Vote for my MIX 11 Open Call Session

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
One of the things that I've been fascinated by since last year's MIX conference is the motion design in place in Windows