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Windows 8 Style CheckBox/RadioButton in Windows Phone

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
I love the “checked” style in Windows 8. Clean, slick, I just like the style. So I implemented it in Windows

New Silverlight Posts at Veracity Blogs

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
I've started a series of posts on Silverlight and other topics over at the Veracity Solutions Blog. Veracity Solutions is

How To Create An Animated ScrollViewer (or ListBox) in WPF

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
UPDATED 05/22/09 In the comments, someone mentioned that the project wasn't working properly for keyed scrolling. I've

Using the “Tag” Field And Triggers To Avoid Writing a Value Converter in WPF

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
I was working on a project recently and I wanted one of my layout controls to have a different margin based on a certain

How To Use a ListView or DataGrid In a ComboBox Drop Down (Without A Line Of Code)

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
Super cool new thing I learned today. In WPF, we can make it so that the drop down (popup) on a ComboBox displays the data

Create a Zooming Button Style In Silverlight Without Code

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
Download code for this sample (updated for RCW) I was reading Mike Snow's blog and he had a recent Silverlight tutorial on

Styling a Silverlight ScrollViewer (to Look Like a Mac ScrollViewer)

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
Mac Scroller Project Files Updated for RCW Just because we're working in Microsoft technologies doesn't mean we can't throw

How to Assign ColumnHeaderContainerStyle and ColumnHeaderTemplate to a ListView Style

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
This is just a quick note on creating a ListView style with the appropriate GridView style and template

WPF Designers Guide to Styles And Templates

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
This is a post that has taken months to complete, but addresses something that I don’t think I've seen sufficiently