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MIX 08 WPF/Wiimote Show Off Video

Thought I’d take a moment and toss up the WPF/Wiimote video that we submitted to the MIX 08 Show Off competition:

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0 Responses to MIX 08 WPF/Wiimote Show Off Video

  1. Vince

    How does the pinch recognition work?

    Or would it be easier to use a button at thumb range to turn ir led on and off with a little pressure?

  2. All the software is here. The gloves are not only cheaper, I testing the IR array and I couldn’t get it to work to save my life.

  3. Great !

    I am going to build some gloves because i think this is much cheapier for my tests than a IR Array. What software are you using in this demo, able to understand “multi pointers” ?

    Best regards from France.


  4. ak

    that is freaking awesome…amazing!!

  5. Deepak just gr8…