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Missing OpenStreamForWriteAsync on my StorageFile

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I have a sample that I use when serializing data in order to save it to a StorageFile in Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. It

Weekly Links – 2-11-2012

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Due to travel and other engagements, I’ve missed a couple of weekly links, so this one will be slightly larger. One thing

Windows Phone 8 & 7.x Design Cheat Sheet

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I tweeted this, but it is so fantastic it needed its own blog post. Nathalie BELVAL (@nbelval) put together this handy card

Weekly Links–New Year 2013 Edition!

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Windows Phone Best Apps For Your New Windows Phone Device – not at all comprehensive, but a decent starting point. Reverse

Windows Phone StringFormat Binding And Blend

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This is a simple, straight-forward walk-through for doing StringFormat binding in Blend. It is meant to go along with my