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We Are Experiencing Delays

I wanted to take a moment to apologize to everyone to whom I promised more Wii goodness on my blog. I couldn’t get internet access from my hotel last night (despite a 45 minute conversation with a tech support guy). And, in a somewhat ironic turn of events, the internet access here at MIX08 is pretty miserable.

 As in… I have trouble even pulling my own blog up half the time.

 So I’ve decided to wait until I get back to Salt Lake City before I try to finish all my posts.

Put me on your RSS feed… I’ll be going nuts on the blog over the next week putting up all the WPF/Wiimote stuff, catching up on my normal WPF tutorials and starting to dive into Silverlight.

And, because I know that my wonderful fiance is reading this (as well as picking me up from the airport)… I’ll see you this evening, lovely.

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