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Windows 8 Style CheckBox/RadioButton in Windows Phone

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
I love the “checked” style in Windows 8. Clean, slick, I just like the style. So I implemented it in Windows

Windows Phone StringFormat Binding And Blend

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
This is a simple, straight-forward walk-through for doing StringFormat binding in Blend. It is meant to go along with my

Azure Microsoft Translation in Windows Phone (The Easy Way)

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
There are few things more awesome than the Microsoft Translate service available on the Azure Marketplace. Unfortunately,

Uploading an Image to Facebook in Windows Phone 7 (Silverlight)

Posted on by matthias
This is a full-featured tutorial, walking through design, structure, UI and photo formatting. If you just want to know how

Fun Theme-Friendly Windows Phone Icon

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
When designing a “You are here” icon for the map in ShopSavvy (download now on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7.

Theme Forcing for Windows Phone 7 (Silverlight)

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
Let's say you don't really want to play nice with the theming engine in Windows Phone 7. This would be pretty

Basic Windows Phone 7 Motion Design

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
Click here if you don’t want to hear me complain about the Silverlight toolkit and you just want to get to the

Using WrapPanel and DockPanel in Windows Phone 7 With Blend

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
I’m currently working on porting the run-away hit mobile application ShopSavvy to Windows Phone 7 (sign up to be a beta

Silverlight 4 Binding and StringFormat in XAML

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
I discovered this amazing feature almost by accident and it has made this one part of my design so much easier that I had to

XAML Files for Location Visualizations in Silverlight and WPF

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
In the comments of my Silverlight unemployment visualization, someone asked about where I got the US outline. I got it from