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  • This week, I’m in Hanoi Vietnam, helping with the WOWZAPP 2012 Windows hackathon. As part of my participation in WOWZAPP, I gave a presentation this morning entitled: Windows Phone 8 – More Than An App in which I spoke on …

  • OK, Cory Doctorow, let’s see if this works. I’ve written a chapter on storytelling and information visualization for O’Reilly media to publish in the book Beautiful Visualization. And you can read it for free. I’m making my chapter of …

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Loading a Local CSV File in Windows (Phone)

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
Lots of little side projects I work on are data visualizations and, unlike every other person in the data visualization

Circle Packing Algorithm in C# / XAML

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
I recently (translation: not very recently) put up an post on circle packing in Processing and completely forgot to follow

Get Started with Kinect For Windows (WPF)

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
Watching the Kinect for Windows v2 Jump Start. The code that they use in the videos is for Windows 8 apps but I'm trying to

Windows IoT with the Grove Starter Kit on the Intel Galileo board

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
"Um... no. None of those things are valid options in Clue." In the last few months, I've had the joy of playing around

Http Requests and POST for Windows Store Apps

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
I know this stuff, but I keep forgetting it from project to project so I figured it wouldn't hurt anyone up

Selecting The Front Or Back Camera in Windows / Phone

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
I recently had a project where I needed a camera from a specific panel (the front-facing camera) in my Windows / Windows

Circle Packing Algorithm in Processing

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
This is based on this Processing sketch on circle packing, but since I had to update it to get it to work, I figured I'd

Getting Started With Windows Phone 8.1

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
If you want to get started with Windows Phone 8.1, there are 2 big options: "I’m completely new to Windows Phone

How to use Windows 8 font icons in XAML

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
As of July, 2104, this works for Windows 8 (and greater) and Windows Phone 8 (and greater). All the icons are listed

Using Vectors in an App Bar (Windows 8 + Windows Phone 8.1)

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
I’m going to do this backwards. I'll start assuming you already have your vector icon in XAML. Then, how to import your