A Collection Of Windows Phone 7 Motion Videos

In case you haven’t heard this before, this blog is basically a collection of things that I’ve learned and will almost certainly forget unless I write them down. Kind of a public short-term memory overflow. I’ve been working on motion flow design a lot and there is no better way to do motion flow design than to look at cool interface animations.

I’m also doing some Windows Phone 7 design and I want to have a place to go to look at as many videos of Windows Phone 7 in action to figure out how to design an application motion flow that fits with the rest of the app. Watch these videos carefully and notice that pretty much everyone is doing something slightly different for their motion flow. The same navigation concepts are in place, but the motion flow is different for many of the apps.

So… here is my collection of Windows Phone 7 videos and animations.

From Engadget:

(more at the Engadget post)

E-mail on the Windows Mobile 7 Phone

The AP application (by Archetype) (skip to 3:30)

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Seesmic for Windows Phone 7 (skip to 6:40)

Get Microsoft Silverlight

The marketplace hub

That’s all for me for now… I’ll try to update this with more examples later