ShopSavvy for Windows Phone 7

One of my big projects recently has been working with the ShopSavvy team to get ShopSavvy on the Windows Phone 7. Our first release was a bit rough, but we have definitely hit our stride with the latest drop. Check it out on the Windows Marketplace.

By the way, an issue that I’ve seen a couple places already (and that I’ve fixed for the next release but I’m certainly not going to release a version of this app every week) is the issue of what constitutes a bar code number. Not seen in this video but available in the latest download is the ability to simply punch in the bar code number. What most people don’t realize is that when you have a bar code that looks like this:

The actual bar code number that we do the look-up on is this:

Overall, users would mostly be better off if they can manage to get a clear picture of the bar code and let the system sort out the number for them.