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Beginner’s Guide To Genetic Data

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
I recently wrote a Medium article as an intro to understanding personal genetics data. The last few months I've indulged

Loading a Local CSV File in Windows (Phone)

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
Lots of little side projects I work on are data visualizations and, unlike every other person in the data visualization

Circle Packing Algorithm in C# / XAML

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I recently (translation: not very recently) put up an post on circle packing in Processing and completely forgot to follow

Game Of Thrones Chapter Explorer Visualization

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If you're familiar with the Game of Thrones HBO series, you may know it's derived from the Song of Ice and Fire books by

Free Chapter From Beautiful Visualization

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
Be a good person, buy my book. I've written a chapter on storytelling and information visualization for O'Reilly media

Recovery Review: A Silverlight Sunlight Foundation Visualization Project

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
If you’re interested in government transparency, there is not better organization to watch than the Sunlight Foundation, a