Color Picker In Action (In The Silverlight Particle Project)

Just for fun, I took my color picker and plugged into Robby Ingebretsen’s Silverlight Particle Generator. I had to make some tweaks to the XAML to alter the look to just what I wanted it to be, but you can check out the result here.

By the way, if you’d like a rock solid version of the color picker, let me know. My inclination is to re-write the whole thing as a custom control and give it support for things like two way color binding, make it a template-able control, that kind of stuff. The end result would be something faster, easier to use and more customizable, but I hesitate to put the energy into it if there is no desire for other people to use it.

So… let me know if you’re interested.

UPDATE from December 3: I’ve updated the Silverlight gadget, which is a stripped down version of the Silverlight control. I’ll be getting the more robust control out shortly. You’re more than welcome to download the gadget source and deconstruct.

Update (12/05/08):

Updated Color Picker Utility