HUD Rental Data in UWP

I’m currently looking to sell a rental house and buy another rental house, so I went looking for a data-centric way to find out 1) how much houses in a given area are selling for 2) how much rent I can expect to get for a given house.

While I’m still working on part 1, I discovered that the Department of Housing and Urban Development gave me the answer to part 2 when they publish their fair market rental data. This data digs into rental data by zip code, which is incredibly specific and incredibly helpful.

Unfortunately, the data format is kind of terrible, so I wrote an application that sucks in that data and lets me explore it in an easy zip code by zip code format.

Download the code here

Questions? Need someone to yell at? I’m on twitter at @matthiasshap where I’m happy to talk about any C#, UWP, or XBox dev stuff.

Note: This app is incredibly rough, but it fulfills my purpose, which is all I need it to do. It is NOT an example of good architecture, it’s just a little app that sucks in data and displays it.

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