Mac Style Button Tray In Silverlight

Here’s a Mac style Button tray I whipped up. I think it’s a neat concept and I’d love to see some more of this kind of dynamic interfaces in Sivlerlight.

Actually, I’d love to see more dynamic interfaces in general. 🙂

The source code is a mess right now, but you’re welcome to it if you’d like.

Download Project files for Mac Style Button Tray

I’ve said this a couple times, but I’ll say this again… if you’re writing animation tweening in code for Silverlight, you’re doing it wrong. Take advantage of the Silverlight animation engine… it’s awesome. This sample actually creates the animations in XAML and then manipulates just the properties that we need to be dynamic in the code. Then it lets the Silverlight engine take care of the rest.

I’ve surrounded the tray with a border to give an indication of where interaction is possible.