October Grab Bag o’ Awesome Things

Windows and Microsoft Things

Joost van Schaik gives us Windows 10 UWP app to receive temperature data from a Raspberry PI2 and control a fan using the Azure Service Bus

Some great Windows 10 Template projects

UX Guidelines for Tabs and Pivots in Windows 10 UWP

Creating Font Icons with Segoe MDL2 in Windows 10 UWP

Bob Tabor’s always fantastic Absolute Beginners series is back for Windows 10 and UWP

Lumia Imaging SDK 3.0 available for UWP

James Ashley explains the updates Microsoft MVP program with gamification

Havok Physics engine bought by Microsoft

Node.js support for Azure Mobile Apps

UX Things

iOS9 GUI PSDs for iPhone from Facebook

Perspex Cross Platform UI Framework

Data Science and Visualization Things

A course on using R and Bioconductor for genome sequence analysis

Free book! Recommendation from a data scientist friend, an Introduction to Statistical Learning with applications in R

Texas Hold’em Poker odds library written in Cython

Combine Choropleth Maps and Reference Maps in R

Tonic: the data visualization repl for node

Other Things

Read Write access for genomes

Shader programming for Unity

Xamarin CRM demo app