Weekly Links – 2-11-2012

Due to travel and other engagements, I’ve missed a couple of weekly links, so this one will be slightly larger.

One thing I want to call out specifically is that Ben Riga and I have been working on a set of sessions on building for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Ben will be presenting these sessions for Microsoft Virtual Academy on February 21st. I would be joining him except that I’m heading to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress that day. Nevertheless, it is a great set of lessons for building apps across Windows-based devices.

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 HTML/JS

Windows 8

Design and UX

  • Color Scheme Creator – a simple Windows 8 app for constructing a color scheme based on a photograph
  • PlaceCage – a set of flexible image placeholders featuring Nic Cage
  • 366 Logos – A logo a day every day of 2012. Each logo created in about an hour.

Other Awesome Things