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Windows Phone 8 & 7.x Design Cheat Sheet

I tweeted this, but it is so fantastic it needed its own blog post.

Nathalie BELVAL (@nbelval) put together this handy card for designing and developing apps for Windows Phone 7.x and Windows Phone 8. It contains all the information you might need for:

  • Resolutions in Windows Phone 7 & 8
  • Application assets (screenshots, splash screens, application icons, etc)
  • Accent colors
  • Available icons

Download it, print it, love it.


Thanks to @winphonegeek for finding this.

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4 Responses to Windows Phone 8 & 7.x Design Cheat Sheet

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  4. Claus Jørgensen

    Hey, the IconicTemplate tile size is essentially wrong. While it’s technically correct, it’s posting the size of the entire tile, rather than the IconImage that’s *on* the tile (which is the actual interesting resolution!).

    This means that if you use those sizes for the IconImage itself, you’ll end up pushing the Count off-screen, and getting a poorly resized and skewed image in the middle.

    On I’ve detailed the correct resolutions for the icon.

    Otherwise really nice find 🙂