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WPF Multitouch via Rick Barraza

Last time I was at Microsoft, I spoke briefly (for about 2 hours) with Rick Barraza about the need to get designers into the WPF space and how des/devs (designer developers) can really push forward a technology like WPF. In fact, it was Rick who inspired me to do more work on this blog as a way of trying to help designers get more comfortable with WPF.

 Now Rick has a post on his brilliant multi-touch WPF interface using a Wiimote.

Rick, if you’re reading this… how the heck do you have the time to do stuff like that?!? I’m envious… really, really envious.

Excellent work.

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0 Responses to WPF Multitouch via Rick Barraza

  1. Andy William

    Hi I am wondering about how we can actually determine and define user session: (below is the brief description)

    I am currently working on statistic to capture the number of users using the multi-touch app, page being browse, number of time user visit the app and the time which we can allow the app to remain active until it time out (when user is no longer using it). We may have problem let say two fingers may not necessarily belong to that particular person but also can belong to two users using the app at the same time. Is there any ways I can differentiate and register that to the system. Do let me know if anyone can enlighten me. Thank you

  2. Hey Rick,
    Found it interesting your name is Rick Barraza, as is mine and I am looking for a web designer for a new product I have invented for the bicycle and skate/skateboarding communities. E me if you are interested in talking to me about this project!!! Rick Barraza Hermosa Beach,CA

  3. Matthias

    By the way, when you get a chance, Brian Peek has just updated (less than 24 hours ago) his Wiimote Library to track 4 IR points.

    Looking forward to seeing you at MIX.

  4. Hah! (Sorry for the delay in response, Mike just pinged me your blog today), I’m working on the PhizzPop challenge now for South By Southwest and getting some stuff together for MIX, so I have zero time right now myself. But the last week of December always gets pretty slow, so it was a great opportunity to build this out for Labs and I had a blast (The two point affine matrix transform algorithms were a monster though; so doing the graphic design work would be my self-motivator reward during the nights for wrestling through the code / hardware during the day. After the 8 days, I literally slept till the new year! 😉 See ya at MIX!

  5. Mike Wolf

    looks like you’ll be at mix… make sure to come say hi