WPF Wiimote Library (Now With Project Files!)

Now that we’ve successfully demoed the Wiimote visualizer in the Open Space at MIX 08 and shown off what we can do at the Show Off event, I need to be a responsible blogger and put the project up… files and all. I have, with Brian Peek’s permission, packaged his managed library in here as well. Please read and respect his licencing agreements.

WPF Wii Binding Library (dlls only) 

WPF Wii Binding Library (source)

 There are really two parts to the WPF Wiimote Visualizer. The first part is the WPF Wiimote Binding Library, which we’ll cover in this post (or at least make this post the hub of that information). The second part is the Visualizer program itself, which is basically just the WPF Wiimote Library bound to a bunch of XAML elements.

The WPF Wiimote Binding Library will allow simple binding between your Wiimote and your WPF application (I’ve got a whole post on that here). But let me extrapolate a little on what the library has to offer. I’ve seperated out the data into different posts to make it a little more digestible.

Infrared Data

Button Data (coming soon)

Misc Data (Rumble, Battery, Accelerometers) (coming soon)

Nunchuk Data (coming soon)

10 thoughts on “WPF Wiimote Library (Now With Project Files!)

  1. wich products by anycom?

    or do thay just have to contain the bcm20x5 bluetooth chipset?

  2. Hi, library works great in my laptop. Im trying to do a simple application to move a circle using wiimote acceleration values, but im a complete noob in wpf. If anyone made something like this please e-mail me the code to zyroseven@msn.com


  3. While Googling around for information on the Truemobile 355 BT 2.0 + EDR module I was able to find out that it comes equipped with Broadcom’s BCM20x5 Bluetooth chipset family hardware. Further on I found out that a couple of bluetooth adapters from ‘ANYCOM’ also use that chipset, along with some reports of people being able to synch their Wiimotes to PCs using their devices. Thanks for sharing, Matthias!

  4. Oh, about the Bluetooth module I’m using, it is a Dell TrueMobile 355 (2.0 + Enhanced Data Rate) integrated Bluetooth wireless module. I don’t know that much about the hardware profile, but I’m pretty sure that Bluetooth 2.0 or higher is required.

  5. Hey… great project! I haven’t downloaded it yet, but will probably soon. I’m still kinda getting my feet wet in all this WPF + Wii technology. What I’ve found out already is that getting the right Bluetooth adapter – one that actually works with all the data types the Wiimote exposes – is absolutely crucial. Do you mind telling us which adapter (make/model) worked best for you? Thanks!

  6. I’m using VS2008 Professional Edition (trial version 9.0.21022.8 RTM) and I’m using it with the .Net 3.5 Framework. I’ll test it out on another machine to see what the problem is.

  7. What version of Visual Studio are you using? I have C# 2005 Express Edition on one computer and VS 2008 on another and both give an error opening this project. From 2005 it says “this project was created in a newer version of this application”, and in 2008 it says “The project type is not supported by this installation”.

    Anything you can tell me about your setup would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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