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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Styling a Silverlight ScrollViewer (to Look Like a Mac ScrollViewer)

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
Mac Scroller Project Files Updated for RCW Just because we're working in Microsoft technologies doesn't mean we can't throw

Tip For Finding Resources for a Control in generic.xaml

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
I've recently be working on changing the ControlTemplate of a GridViewColumnHeader in a custom ListView that we've been

How to Assign ColumnHeaderContainerStyle and ColumnHeaderTemplate to a ListView Style

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
This is just a quick note on creating a ListView style with the appropriate GridView style and template

Styling the ScrollViewer

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
I recently got a comment asking if I could do something on creating a Blend-type ScollViewer styling. The only problem is

Go Get Windows Live Writer

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
My previous post is the first one that I've used Windows Live Writer to create. I changed from the default WordPress blog

Head First C#: Silverlight Supplement For Chapter 1 (pages 8-16)

Posted on by Matthias Shapiro
Silverlight Concepts Covered: Building a basic Silverlight project Creating code behind for a event triggered by the