Go Get Windows Live Writer

My previous post is the first one that I’ve used Windows Live Writer to create. I changed from the default WordPress blog post composer because Live Writer gives me the following features:

  • I don’t have to upload my images file-by-file… I just use OneNote to screen grab and then copy and paste from OneNote into Live Writer and Live Writer just uploads everything to my site. My posts are pretty image heavy, so I probably saved about 30 minutes of time with this feature alone.
  • The Paste from Visual Studio plug-in lets me… well… paste from Visual Studio and maintain the colors and formatting. You’ll probably see more code integrated into my posts, since I hate putting in code that isn’t color coordinated. Time saved: about 15 minutes
  • I don’t lose my posts to some web or Javascript weirdness. The posts I put up take, on average, 2 hours to create. Losing my work is devastating.
  • Super simple interface. I don’t know what team at Microsoft was working on this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they took their cues from the OneNote team. Huge Interaction Designer props for harnessing the power of simplicity and elegance. I never have to ask myself how to do something… it is transparent. Now, maybe I’m not trying to do enough complex stuff, but I’m ok with that. Way to design 90% of the audience rather than agonize over that last 10%.

Go get it.