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A Thought Too Long For Twitter

When are we going to get rid of Daylight Savings Time? It makes no sense at all.

Besides, then I’ll be able to sound like Grandpa Simpson when I’m older. “When I was your age, we had these great American traditions. We changed the time around just cause we wanted to and we put people with no dramatic experience on TV and called it ‘reality’. Oh, yeah, and we had TV… it was like a computer except you couldn’t really do anything except choose between the four things that were on at that exact moment. And the world didn’t revolve around you… if you missed the beginning of the show, tough beans!”

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  1. Kyralessa

    For those of us with kids, it makes a *lot* of sense. It means we can get home and still have a couple of hours of daylight to enjoy outside with our kids. Why waste the daylight in the morning when people are still sleeping?

  2. For us living far up north (above the arctic circle) it’s great when we adjust the time to get an hour of daylight extra. Makes a big difference.