Info Vis, Snapping Behaviors, Illustrator Guidance and Custom Control Stuff

I’ve been a busy blogger over at Veracity Blogs the last couple weeks. Here’s a list of my new posts:

  • Florida Crime Rate Visualization – My attempts to use Silverlight for information visualizations are going pretty well. In this post, I visualize the Florida crime rate by county over almost 20 years. There are project files availalbe for anyone who wants to dig into how I did it a little more.
  • Adobe Illustrator to XAML Conversion Options – This post walks through the pros and cons of two methods for taking an SVG file (or Adobe Illustrator) file and pulling it into Blend as a XAML file. It also has a XAML copy of a vector map of the US by county for download.
  • Create A Snapping Slider In Blend Using Behaviors – This provides a downloadable behavior for getting a slider to snap to integers (or an integer multiple based on certain settings). I’ve provided project files as well as a tutorial for how to do it.
  • How To Create a PART in Your Silverlight Custom Control – Because there are about a dozen tutorials on building a custom control, but I keep forgetting exactly how to do this part of it.
  • How To Animate a Changing Property in a Custom Control in Silverlight – Have you ever wanted your property to animation automatically when it changes in your Silverlight Custom Control. I say, “Who hasn’t!?” at which point my wife forces me out into the fresh air and sunshine (or, as I call it, the Blinding Day Star). After I scurry back inside, I wrote this blog post.
  • How To Build a Storyboard Animation for Silverlight in C# – Because sometimes you want to enjoy the benefits of the Silverlight animation engine but you really need to build the animation in the code instead of the XAML.