MIX 08 Sessions Now Online

You can now check out all the MIX sessions, online.

 I attended the following sessions:

Bringing Your Data to Life with Windows Presentation Foundation – Anson Tsao

This is a great crash course to data binding in WPF.

Building Rich Internet Applications using Microsoft Silverlight Part 1 – Mike Harsh and Joe Stegman

Building Rich Internet Application using Microsoft Silverlight Part 2 – Mike Harsh

Good walkthrough  on building a basic Silverlight 2.0 application. You can get the files that accompany this talk at Mike Harsh’s blog. While attending these sessions, Mike and Joe repeatedly reccomended…

Creating Rich Dynamic User Interfaces with Silverlight 2 Controls – Karen Corby

This was possibly the most valuable session I attended. Karen Corby walks us through how to create custom controls in Silverlight. The result is mind-blowingly powerful… and it seemed not to difficult. I hesitate on saying that simply because I haven’t done it myself yet. 🙂 I’m going to go back over it and walk myself through the whole thing with the source code that she has posted.

Nerd + Art : 10 Code Snippets to Empower Your Inner Artist – Nathan Dunlap and Robby Ingebretsen

Two of the guys from Identity Mine walk through some great code snippets that allow designers a little more freedom to do the work they need to do. You can get the Code Snippet Visual Studio 2008 installer file and some of the samples used in the talk from the Identity Mine website.

Developing Applications with Microsoft VirtualEarth – Chris Pendleton

Christ Pendleton walked us through integrating VirtualEarth into Internet applications. Pretty cool, although I’m not sure how much better than Google’s Maps/Earth API this is. It’s been a while since I’ve played with Google Maps, but I remember it being much easier than I thought it would be. Keep an eye on Chris’ blog, where he’ll be posting the code for the lab shortly (I’m told).