PDC Driven Links

This is really more for me so I can remember where I put things:

  • WPF Pixel Shader Effect Library is up on Code Plex. I’m not sure where I would use them in a business app, but there they are.
  • The October release of the WPF Toolkit is out and now contains the V1 of the DataGrid as well as an early version of a default DatePicker/Calendar control (thank God!). Additionally (and importantly) the Visual State Manager that we use in Silverlight is being integrated into WPF. This release has a preview of that. Sweet.
  • Veracity Solutions (the company I’m with) has put up a brand new ASP.Net/MVC/Silverlight site. I worked on many of the Silverlight components there. It is a little slow loading, but there is some good stuff there. If you’re looking for a company to do line-of-business in WPF or Silverlight, check us out.