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September 2015 Grab Bag Of Awesome Things

I get tired of searching back through my Twitter feed for the awesome stuff I’ve seen, so I’m collecting it here.

MSFT Datasets
Microsoft Research has a huge pile of data sets they’ve made available (including Kinect gesture data and 3D Video data

Great free flat icon collection

Brickset API for digitally accessing Lego set instructions

Sebastian Brandes Kraaijenzank’s Breast Cancer Neural Network in .NET (Github source)

Huge pile of free and awesome Unity assets

Alex Kolesnichenko builds and AngularJS app w/ TypeScript and Visual Studio Code

RP2 XBox
Scott Hanselman and his Windows 10 IoT Core running a Raspberry Pi 2 Robot

Git Mess
How to get out of a mess in git (a flowchart)

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