Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-18

  • @heydebhenry You don’t think immigrants are going to resent financially supporting an aging rich mostly white population? in reply to heydebhenry #
  • A non-database guy is looking for a good, simple, easy way to use MySQL db with Silverlight. Any pointers? #
  • @DavidJKelley But SQL hosting is expensive and MySQL hosting is cheap 🙂 in reply to DavidJKelley #
  • @WoogyChuck Do you mean like setting up a PHP web service and just pinging it from Silverlight? in reply to WoogyChuck #
  • RT @Lileks: Suggested new iPad slogan: “So light you’ll think you left it behind! Which you did.” #
  • RT @ShawnWildermuth: Anyone have a favorite way to rip DVD’s to Zune? #

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