Unauthorized Access On OAuth 1.0 in Windows Phone

Are you getting an Unauthorized Access error when trying to implement an OAuth 1.0 solution on Windows Phone?

Have you checked to see if your emulator is set to the right time zone so that your timestamp is right? This was my problem. I feel very, very stupid.

Other possible options include:

  • Are you using your key and your secret in the proper places?
  • Are you URL encoding your signature?
  • Does the server require a sorted list of parameters? Did you resort your list after you added your signature?
  • Did you spill the blood of a baby lamb upon untilled soil while chanting the unholy nonce chant to the OAuth gods? (don’t do this, it didn’t help)

This public service announcement has been brought to you by the number 3.

3: how many hours I banged my head against a wall before figuring this out.

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