Viewing WPF Performance

So I recently found and installed the WPF Performance Suite, which I’ve found to be nice and easy to use.

Microsoft documentation on using the WPF Performance Suite.

As a designer, I’ve found the Perforator a particularly useful tool in the suite.

Perforator is a performance profiling tool for analyzing rendering behavior. The Perforator main window displays a set of options that allow you to analyze very specific rendering behavior in parts of your application.

Key for me in this suite is the “Frame rate” counter in this application. As you probably know, the human eye is pretty comfortable with 30-60 frames per second (for computer applications). Because WPF allows the simple creation of animations to aid usability and design, smooth frame rates have become important to me.

 If they’re important to you, I highly reccomend the above suite.

Get it. Use it. Love it.

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