Windows Phone 8 – More Than An App (WOWZAPP 2012)

This week, I’m in Hanoi Vietnam, helping with the WOWZAPP 2012 Windows hackathon. As part of my participation in WOWZAPP, I gave a presentation this morning entitled: Windows Phone 8 – More Than An App in which I spoke on how Windows Phone 8 allows tight integration with many “outside the sandbox”capabilities in the phone, blurring the line between an application and an extension of the native phone capabilities.

There are about a dozen blog posts worth of information in here, many of which I plan to post in the next few weeks, but in the interest of speed I’m just going to add the PowerPoint presentation and the finished code product.

Windows Phone 8 – More Than An App presentation

Completed Windows Phone 8 project to accompany the presentation.

This project contains code for the following scenarios:

  • Adding a Flip Tile programmatically
  • Adding an Icon Tile programmatically
  • Adding a Cycle Tile programmatically
  • Updating a Live Tile using a Schedule task
  • Adding a Lock Screen Notification
  • Creating a Lens (extension of native camera functionality)

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  1. your presentation was great, and i see that wp8 is a very cool platform, simple yet useful.

    also sorry for the sleepy faces i haven’t got a sleep you know why 😀

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