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I need fewer hobbies

  • The last few months I've indulged in a deep dive in my own genetic data, provided to me by 23AndMe. Starting from basically no knowledge about biology or genetics, I've learned a huge amount about my genome and about genetics in general.

  • A visualization of the Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) books and which characters drive the story.

  • OK, Cory Doctorow, let's see if this works. I've recently written a chapter on storytelling and information visualization for O'Reilly media to publish in the book Beautiful Visualization. And you can read it for free.

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Loading CSV Files in UWP

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
Video summarizing this post: I've recently worked on a series of UWP apps that needed to load up a CSV file. I'm

Alexa Audio Skill in C# (.Net Core)

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
Fork the Alexa Audio Tutorial in C# I originally started working with Alexa Skills because I wanted to write an skill to

Tutorial: DynamoDB with C# in .NET Core

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
I've been playing around with Alexa apps in .NET Core and trying to pull together a good example of a .NET driven audio

Tutorial: Alexa Skills in C# – Deployment

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
Note: This is part of a series on writing Alexa Skills in C#, but the Skill setup information is universal & language

Tutorial: Alexa Skills in C# – The Code

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
In the last piece, I walked through setting up an AWS account and putting together the policies needed to deploy your code

Tutorial: Alexa Skills in C# – Setup

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
The Amazon Echo is amazing and you should have one. Or at least an Amazon Dot, which offers the voice interface of the Echo

Hearthstone Buyer’s Guide – Classic Cards

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
This is a guide for anyone who is wondering how best to spend their dust in the Hearthstone with the classic cards. Buying

Hearthstone Buyer’s Guide–Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
This is a guide for anyone who is wondering how best to spend their dust in the Hearthstone expansion “Mean Streets of

HoloLens Import of SketchUp Models

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
Building HoloLens apps is more fun when you have models. I mean… spheres and cubes have their place, but it’s decidedly

Unity Checklist for HoloLens Developers

Posted on by matthiasshapiro
Whenever you start a HoloLens project from scratch in Unity, you’ll need to do a couple things to get everything in place