Code for MIX10 Information Visualization Talk Demos

As promised, I’m posting my code for the demos from my MIX10 “Creating Effective Information Visualization in Silverlight” talk.

Unemployment Data Demo Code

Bing Maps Twitter Demo Code

In case you want to take a look at the unemployment visualization, I’ve added it below. I’m looking for a place to do ASP.Net hosting because my Bing Maps visualization is driven using Twitter data called and served through a WCF service, so if you have a recommendation for a noob ASP.Net guy, let me know. I’d love to host that as well.

(Apparently some people are having trouble with my demo below. I’ll try to get a more compatible version up soon.)

Get Microsoft Silverlight

You can copy the code for to embed this with the text below:

8 thoughts on “Code for MIX10 Information Visualization Talk Demos

  1. I am impressed by your work. I have seen Florida Crime Rate, Now Unemployment, there is no match available to these styles. In terms of design idea for UX, do you or your team have some kind of formal process? Is there any formal training course you have for UX with Silverlight? Lastly can I use the code from Unemployment data in other similar Visualization? I would like to add to add some kind “what if analysis”. Thanks in advance. Ujjwal

  2. In general, quite a good way to visualize data and ratios. However, I wonder what 102% unemployment (or even more) means?


  3. Matthias,
    This is another amazing visualization that you’ve pulled together. It would be great if this had a toggle button to allow the circle diameters to be based upon the percentage of unemployment, or the population – as it is now.

  4. Hi Matthias,

    This is excellent. A few questions. Have you developed a WPF4 version of Unemployment Data Demo and how can I expand the countries? (where did you get the USA outline and where can I find other countries int he same style?)

    Great work


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