Heading to MIX 08

I just signed up for MIX 08, Microsoft’s annual Vegas conference for web developers an designers. They’ve extended the early bird deadline to January 31st, so head over there and sign up now!

As a general rule, I’m more inclined toward the hard client at the moment, but that has been in a large part because:

  • I’m getting paid to do WPF stuff.
  • I’m not a coding guru which makes alot of the more intense web development stuff somewhat outside my reach.
  • Its easier to do fun and cool stuff with WPF than with Silverlight. Or Flash. Or Javascript.
  • I’m getting paid to do WPF stuff.

Even so, it should be a fun time. Especially if the MIX promotional material (seen below) is to be believed.

 mix1        mix2        mix3

I am under the impression that the women in the rightmost image are the kind of cutting edge web developers I will be schmoozing with at MIX08.

Please, leave me to my ignorance.