Source Code For Presidential Candidate Tracker Visualization

Due to repeated requests for the source code (and the fact that I apparently can’t brag about it on Silverlight.Net without a link to the source code), I’m putting it up for download.

Presidential Candidate News Tracker Source Code

JSON Data File With Candidate Data (Note: Apparently, WordPress likes to uncapitalize file names for me, you may have to re-name the file to “CandData.json” to get it to work with the app.)

Warning: This code is a disaster. I was having strange problems getting my custom controls to work and, after a couple hours fighting with it, I gave up and ended up writing the exact same layout and code for 14 separate candidates. Same problem with the “dates-of-note” along the timeline.

Not pretty, but it works. Have fun.

4 thoughts on “Source Code For Presidential Candidate Tracker Visualization

  1. Thanks Matthias,
    I appreciate you making your source code available … it’s going to be fun figuring out what makes this thing tick 🙂 Again, congratulations on your win!

    Best regards

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