Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-09

  • RT @amuse: The blog post about our Android release of our Barcode Scanner SDK: #
  • My favorite Silverlight 4 feature? StringFormat for binding #
  • RT @justsomeguy: Zombie run (more officially "Night of the Running Dead 5K") in October in SLC! /via @lauramoncur #
  • @maphet Have you read "Reasons for God"? The author starts out attacking exactly that tendency. #
  • Tweetdeck needs 15 second delay to "Undo" mistyped or accidental tweets. #
  • @maphet It's in the introduction where he basically says that if we don't take doubt seriously, we'll never learn or convince in reply to maphet #
  • UX matters. RT @USABreakingNews: massive Wall St. selloff may have happened b/c trader entered [B]illion instead of [M]illion #
  • RT @DavidJKelley: 20 Easy To Follow Photoshop Poster Tutorials #design #
  • RT @ingebretsen: video from dr. wpf. simple way to grok/use value coersion in silverlight. (w/ #kaxaml shoutout) #
  • Everyone needs 8GB of RAM in their laptop. I don't mind the burn marks on my legs. #
  • Dear Zune, when I sort my songs by rating, doesn't it make more sense to play the unrated ones before the ones I have marked as "hate"? #
  • @hglennrock I download music albums at a time b/c of my Zune pass. Then mark the ones I like and dislike. in reply to hglennrock #
  • Awesome visualization of the first five years of Ruby on Rails commits: (via @JeffClark @BrianBBrian @dhh) #
  • @hglennrock I was so sad when I heard that. I used LaLa when I didn't have Zune installed. Loved it. in reply to hglennrock #
  • RT @scottheffield: Great discussion thread on Silverlight vs. WPF for new apps. Read the comments. #wpf #silverlight #
  • Veracity Solutions looking for Interaction Designer for work with Blend/Sketchflow. e-mail me at matthias.shapiro (at) gmail #

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